Based in Montreal, LUSHYNE is an exclusive, timeless and sustainable ready-to-wear brand.Founded in 2011 by Lucci Rojas.  LUSHYNE offers a unique universe through its collections. The attires take the form of an evolving wardrobe where each piece is linked to the previous one to form a closet of essentials

LUSHYNE is proud to be part of the slow fashion movement.  In a world of throwaway over-produced fast fashion, I have made it my mission to improve the way I produce my collections and I am striving for more sustainable production methods and materials.  I am constantly working to achieve this by sourcing natural and recycled fabric for my future collections.  I also use textiles that have been discarded by massive fashion brands.  When I give a second chance to a textile that was supposed to be destroyed, I feel that I'm making a small difference in the way I create.

I believe that any fashion brand has a social responsibility to not only educate itself but also educate its customer on where its products came from, what its impact is, and what it is made of.  As a conscious consumer you don’t want clothes that will lose their fit after one wash, you want to invest in a stylish wardrobe that is good to the planet and will last for years without a huge price tag. 


Behind the Seam

I created LUSHYNE for women who love fashion, but hate the impact it has on the planet.  Every piece you see here is designed by me. It is then handmade by either myself or a small team of freelance seamstresses.  Each item is made to order, so as well as giving you the perfect fit, I am also not wasting any fabric. All of my designs presented on the shop and the portfofio gallery are modifiable by appointement only.

What does Made to Order mean? It indicates that each time I am receiving an online order I cut and sew the item needed.  I work this way because I love my planet and I don't like to waste material and energy on unwanted clothing.  When I participate in sales events I prepare very small production in order to present to my customers like this I keep LUSHYNE's creations exclusives. We are used to seeing and having everything we want.  We buy, we trow like there is no tomorow.  Behind every fast-fashion piece that you invest there is human suffering and negative impact on the environnement.  It's time for a change and let's consume carefully.

Welcome to the movement that is going to change the world !!!